Comment on Evidence of Evolution by Darth Robo.

Dog Evolution John B Andelin, the Mormon LDS Young Earth Creationist.

This alone should tell you why Andelin’s knowledge of evolutionary biology is utterly non-existent. Scientific evidence is irrelevant to creationists. He never debates the subject because he honestly doesn’t know how to. Yet he keeps touting the fact he’s an MD and therefore understands the scientific method. If he ever did, it’s long been forgotten, or long been ignored for theological convenience. He only asserts that evolution has failed somehow, yet can never explain why. Nor is he able to provide an alternative explanation that does a better job of explaining the evidence. This may have something to do with the fact he has no idea what the scientific terms in reference to evolution even mean. But then as someone who also rejects all scientific dating techniques, he doesn’t even realise that he’s not just rejecting biology, but quite literally every single scientific field there is bar none.

There’s a reason why the science community doesn’t take creationist arguments seriously. And it’s not because of some massive worldwide atheist Darwinist scientist conspiracy.