Comment on 10 Facts About Evolution by John Macdonell.

Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution Brad,

As title days, science facts are NOT 100% certain. Nothing is 100% in science.

Science works on probabilities. When the evidence amassed on an idea is such that the chance of being wrong is miniscule and the chance of being right ALMOST certain, we assume that’s good enough and proceed as if it were 100% certain.

For example, germ theory is not 100% certain. Maybe it will work out there are no germs as we think we know them. But the evidence for them is so overwhelming, and the chance of our being wrong so tiny, that we proceed as if it is certain that germ theory is true. We then begin to use germ theory to develop medicines, etc.

Same for evolution. Evidence for it is overwhelming. Our chance of being wrong is miniscule. So we proceed as if it is true, even when there remains a very small chance we are wrong. BRW, acceptance of the fact of evolution is crucial to the development of new medicines. Also to the advances in agriculture.