Comment on 10 Facts About Evolution by John Macdonell.

Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution “..isn’t science fact supposed to be 100 percent…”


Nothing in science is proved 100%. Not even things like an (almost) spherical Earth. There is always a chance we could be wrong. Includes evolution, too.

What science does is work in probabilities. When the evidence amassed for an idea is so overwhelming that the chance of being wrong is very tiny, and the chance of being right is enormous, then we consider it as if it has been proven and work with it as if were certain – when in reality there is a tiny chance we could yet be wrong.

Germ theory is not proven 100%. But the evidence for germs is so overwhelming that we say, “Good enough for us” and we then utilize germ theory to develop medicines, etc.

Same for Evolution. Overwhelming evidence says “Good enough” and we proceed from there. Our acceptance of evolution is vital, BTW, to making new medicines. Also to our progress in agriculture. But that’s another story, another post.