Comment on 10 Facts About Evolution by Tony.

Charles Darwin Theory of Evolution Darwin’s theory did more to promote atheism than any other theory. Humans have died behind the “survival of the fittest” nonsense. Natural selection is a dead theory. No transitional species have or will be found because there isn’t any. No bird man, No fish man and definitely NO APE man. Microbiology proves that man is “Irreducibly complex.” You evidently don’t know much about RNA or DNA or how a cell works. There has been only one verifiable cell mutation. The Sickle cell. Less oxygen for the normal blood cell. Africans who have this cell don’t get malaria. They are anemic as the oxygen content of their blood is lacking. Please quit spouting nonsense about the age of our planet and the fossil records. You are basically ignorant of true science. Go back to school and learn the truth.