Different kinds of application were developed for describing skin cancer, but the researcher at university of Pittsburgh found out that three applications are inaccurate. Let’s know the story in detail.

Laura Ferris is the assistant professor in school of medicine, at university of Pittsburg. She was doing the research on Smartphone applications, which are developed to differentiate between malignant and benign skin infection.

skin-cancer apps

After few incorrect results, she was very conscious to know the truth, according to researcher. She decides to find out the truth. She and her team finally realized that there were four applications in total and three of them were providing wrong results.

On the other hand another study shows that nearly 35% of Americans try to diagnosis their diseases by using different online tools.

The researchers have not named any application particularly, for good or bad result but, they displayed 188 images on the website, which they get from these applications. These images were evaluated by different tools, like automated algorithm and a group of certified dermatologists also reviewed them, for their accuracy.

The team studied four app for melanoma; it was really expansive as it will cost nearly $5 for every image. But even with this high cost, they were inaccurate. These results can cause problems for those patients, who cannot afford to go for expansive applications. Moreover, they take these incorrect results as a confirmation tool for their disease.

Skin Cancer Apps Not Working Accurately; Research Says