A pretty rare moment of alignment has given the scientists a really great chance to check some theories on an icy planet which is not that far away from Pluto. The final results were truly surprising.

The tiny sister of Pluto, Makemake is not habited and it has no atmosphere, plus it has lots of ice to spare. A new publish recently gave us a first glimpses of the planet.

This planet is one of the 4 dwarf planets which are located beyond Neptune. Pluto was the first planet that was spotted but it has atmosphere, unlike Makemake.

The authors of the research have found out that Makemake has no atmosphere thanks to their careful observation and the light effect of another star. If there atmosphere at all, the light would have begun to obscure. It is now officially proven that there are planets without any atmosphere and all this became true thanks to the rare alignment of the planets that was mentioned above. Until this, scientists believed that there is no way that the planet will have no atmosphere. At least now the tiny planet is no longer a mystery to our scientists.
Makemake; Tiny Icy Planet beyond Pluto has No Atmosphere