If Darwin’s theory of evolution is to believed, then there is absolutely no species out there that has completed its evolutionary cycle, in fact, none ever will. As a result, this means that humans are still get to evolve. Whilst we won’t know for certain what the future will bring, scientists have come up with a number of ideas about how they believe the future will pan out.

Of course, it is widely accepted that at some point, humans have evolved from apes, we share more than 97% of our genes with them after all. What is unknown however is what the future will bring. There are two main theories that have been touted around with regards to human evolution. Let’s take a little look at them.

The Human Evolutionary Cycle has finished

I know I said at the start that evolutionary will continue to happen, however, maybe it does need to finish at some point? Humans seem to have adapted to their environment fairly well, so perhaps this means that human evolutionary cycle is complete? We have no need to evolve any further, it wouldn’t be beneficial to us. This is one of the most plausible theories out there, and it seems that a number of scientists agree with this stance. Of course, it can’t be totally true this situation, as people will always be dying out for certain reasons, and people do select who they mate with, and I will cover that in the next section.

Humans Continue to Evolve

If we stick with the evolutionary cycle of animals then humans will expected to continue to evolve. How this happens is unknown, maybe the changes will be dramatic, or perhaps we will just evolve incredibly slowly and that the human race will be the same in the future as it is right now, just with tiny little changes.

Scientists have actually witnessed natural selection in humans at work. For example, plumper women tend to have more children than anybody else, which means that these physical traits are being passed along. We have all known that mate selection is a key driver, and this is certainly evident in the human race nowadays. These traits are designed to choose people who will thrive economically and in raising kids.

Epidemics will also be a key contributor in natural selection, and as more epidemics happen, the human race will end up with much stronger immune systems.

Of course, this only relies on the human race sticking around on planet earth. If we up sticks and start to form off world colonies then we may start to see the human race adapt to suit their environment. Leave people up there and there is a massive chance they will be totally different to people that remain on earth in a few thousand years.

One other plausible theory is that electronic evolution takes place. This basically means that we keep our bodies alive for far longer than normally possible through way of electronics.  This type of technology would have a massive impact on the evolutionary possibilities of the human race.

This of course just a guess about what could happen in the future, nobody will ever know for sure just what the future will bring for the human race, until it happens of course.