Prevention of Food Poisoning

Everybody knows that prevention is better than cure. Same rule applies in order to prevent food poisoning. If you take some preventive measures in your routine life then you can easily prevent this life threatening disease. Here some preventive measures are discussed you must take in daily life activities.

1- Cook your food properly.   Remember that half cooked food contains bacteria and other poisonous elements in it which becomes the main reason for food poisoning. Therefore it is recommended to cook your food at minimum 40 degree Fahrenheit to maximum 140 degree Fahrenheit which is considered an ideal temperature range to cook the food well.

2- Next precaution is about food refrigeration. You must keep those food items in your refrigerator that needs specific cooling environmental for maintaining their normal healthy level. Keep your refrigerator at less than 40 degree Fahrenheit and keep your freezer at 0 degree Fahrenheit. If you leave such food items uncovered on kitchen slap then it means you are inviting bacteria and viruses to them yourself.

3- Thirdly take proper care of your sanitary conditions. Wash your hands after coming out of wash rooms. Wash your plates, spoons, glasses, dishes and other crockery items properly before using them. Keep the place clean where you prepare your food.

4- Try to avoid junk foods as much as possible. Open food places and food available there is not reliable from medical point of view so keep you away from these food items. Also be conscious while using packed food items. Do not use such packed food items which have unusual smell or broken seals.