Keeping a room cool in the summer or in a very hot region can be a serious challenge, especially on a budget. Scientifically speaking, it’s nearly impossible to keep any aboveground room cool in the middle of the day when it’s subjected to direct sunlight. But what about air conditioned rooms? We rely on air conditioning for comfort, ease, and some would even argue sanity during heat waves and summer months. When air conditioning breaks or is compromised, everyone in the building can suffer from discomfort, dehydration, and occasionally even heat stroke. A building is architecturally speaking just a large box, and when you put a box under the hot sun, it’s going to heat up. In short, this means you have to take measures against protecting your air conditioned rooms from direct sunlight, which can crank up the heat and waste your cooling electricity.

1. Shading

One great way to keep an air conditioned room cool and prevent the AC unit from straining is to shade the room. This involves closing shutters, blinds or even sometimes installing heat-proof or reflective blinds in the window. This keeps sunlight from streaming into the room from most angles. Heat proof or reflective blinds can be exceptionally useful in maintaining the temperature of a room, even without air conditioning.

2. Insulation

Good building insulation keeps heat in as well as keeping the outside temperature outside. Not all building insulation is robust and well-made, but even the cheapest of it will help keep heat and sunlight from turning a building into a furnace. When sunlight hits the exterior of a building, it begins to heat up the inside at a speed of about several degrees per hour. If you want the house to remain cooler later in the day, consider potentially opening the doors and windows in the early morning. This lets in cool air that you can then trap inside the building for later use.

3. Reflective Roof Tiling and Tinted Windows

If you’re determined to keep the sunlight out of your air-conditioned rooms, there are a few ways to completely deter harmful UV and heat from entering. For one, consider reflective room tiles, a new technology now being developed that actually bounces back light where it strikes the roof. This helps to dissipate the energy of the sun and reduce overheating in your air conditioned rooms. Finally, if you’re set against letting in too much sun, you could consider tinted or UV-screening windows. Special glass can help keep that heat out, and keep you cool.

No one likes a large air conditioning bill, and there are plenty of ways to keep cool during the summer without cranking up the AC. Try one or more of them this year.

Peter Wendt is an article writer residing in Austin.  When he is writing, he always looks for a sunlit spot with good AC vents around.  He feels much more happier and inspired in sunlit areas and feels he can get more work done.  Peter recommends going to for the best AC repair services.