Drinking affects many different regions of the brain and body. Drinking too much can even cause a painful and sudden death. Did you know that depending on your gender and how much you weigh there is a limit on what you can ingest before dropping dead from alcohol poisoning? If a stupor is all you’re looking for, consider a BAC of 0.25 for best results. If your BAC is higher than this, you’re running some serious risks.

Chances are you’ve woken up after a night of heavy partying wondering just why everything hurts. Your stomach is nauseous, your head throbbing and you’re hungry for…fries? Drinking pretty much affects us all the same, from our slurred speech to our wicked hangovers the next day. Knowledge is the first step toward combating the sickening results of a night of partying. This handy graphic details all the ways alcohol affects the body, while providing some handy tips for staying alive.

Science of Drinking
Drunk Science – Your Body’s Guide to Processing Alcohol