Finding a guaranteed cure against cancer seems like a difficult task, but there are ways to minimize the risk of cancer. A study shows that the daily consumption of a multivitamin can greatly reduce the risk of cancer in men. The study went on for over a decade and the final results show that there was 8% less cancer in the bodies of men who took the daily multivitamin.

Dr Michael Gaziano of the Brigham and Women’s Hospital talked more about this study. Apparently, it involved over 15,000 men in their fifties. The participants were divided in two groups – one of them took a placebo pill every day and the other took the daily multivitamin for a decade. The final results show that the group which took the multivitamin had developed eight percent less cancer than the placebo group.

These multivitamin is also responsible with a drastic decrease in cancer of deaths, but scientists are yet to determine which of the minerals or vitamins are responsible for this effect. Howard D Sesso, study co-author says: “The results are absolutely correct and we are certain that the daily consumption of a multivitamin can prevent cancer in middle-aged men.”