Comment on 4 Common Infectious Raccoon Diseases by Dallas Miley Sr..

Infectious Raccoon Diseases All raccoon’s DO NOT carry the rabies virus. If you see one out during the day, doesn’t mean they’re rabid, they’re out feeding.There is more of a chance catching rabies from a stray dog, cat or even a squirrel. We receive orphaned wild life to raise, rehabilitate & release the animal’s when their old enough & healthy enough to be released back into the wild. Both my wife & I have raised & released over 500 raccoon’s, & just by playing with them, we’ve both been bitten or scratched by most of them. They weren’t attack’s, they were just playing, like a dog or cat. A rabid animal will die within approx. a week of catching the virus. Don’t be afraid of them, just leave them alone.