Comment on 4 Alternative Energy Sources To Save The Environment by sustainable energy.

energy resources First of all we have to understand this truth, that we cannot rely on a single alternative source for sustainable energy.

We need to depend on a couple or more of alternative energy sources to get a sustainable energy for us as well as for our future generations.

The choice of the alternative energy source is completely dependent on the geography of the region.

Wind Farms, Hydrothermal, Solar – all these are proven to be providing power. Though all these requires high cost, it seems to be the only option left for our future.

Agricultural residues (non-edible), Forest wastes, Food waste from Large-scale Industries, etc., can be used to produce gases, oils, biochars – which can be used to produce heat and electricity.

Energy from biomass can be obtained with most of the advantages you have mentioned, only thing is we have to keep on growing more trees and practice intense agriculture.